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Dundi Towing Services In Montreal

Towing as a term is not limited to only the automobile industry, at Dundi Towing, towing is referred to as the process of coupling two or more vehicles together so that they can be moved from on point to another with one of the vehicles pulling the others.

Regardless of your location in Montreal, Dundi Towing offers a 24hr towing service. Our towing services covers all classes of vehicles; class 1-8 employing the three major towing methods-

  • Tow truck towing – the most common method of towing used for cars and for light duty trucks, the modified version of this tow truck is used for buses and larger trucks and is used for short distances.
  • Crane towing – is employed in cases where probably a car is involved in an accident and towing cannot be done by the tow truck.
  • Flatbed/Lowbed towing – the flatbed towing is used for heavy duty vehicles and for cars in large quantity, however we employ this method of towing for long distances too.

You may be wondering what stands us out from other vehicle towing service provider, here is it. During snow storms, the number of vehicles that get stuck triples and as such towing vehicles will frequent routes know to have such occurrences, but at Dundi Towing, putting a call across to us is all you need to get out of that ditch or snow as we will dispatch our best tow vehicles to your location immediately.

Dundi Towing Montreal will go with you through the thickest of the snowy weather and get your vehicle out of the storm. Our towing vehicles are fitted with high intensity lamps that improve visibility in storm ensuring that we get you and your vehicle to your destination safely and on time.

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